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Karen Walker is a spiritual guide, prosperity teacher, mindset expert, author, and mentor. I teach mindset and spiritual laws to those who are ready to awaken and transform their lives.As one of only a very few mentors who teach how the subconscious mind interacts and co-creates with quantum physics, the universe laws, and the spiritual world, I am able to help my clients achieve rapid results by creating both the inner and outer foundations of success.

I shift my clients into a higher state of consciousness FIRST so that they realize instant results and experience paradigm shifts quickly in all areas of their life.

Many people are finding themselves at a crossroad – to either continue to struggle or to finally let go of the struggle and embrace abundance.

Over the past few years the energy of the earth has been speeding up, the current systems (the economy for example) are breaking down, and the spiritual movement has increased.

That’s because we are enjoying a turning point for mankind – we are entering a stage of human evolution. We are evolving into the next stage of being human – we are evolving into higher consciousness while still residing in human form.

That is why so many people – maybe even you – are feeling restless, uneasy, and uncertain. You find yourself searching for meaning, or the way forward, something is missing yet you don’t know what that is.

That is because you can feel yourself being pulled forward as you are entering the state of evolving. Your higher self, your higher energy, is pulling you – and you are becoming aware that you don’t want to hold onto your emotional baggage anymore.

Your soul is craving to let go of everything that hasn’t been working (struggle, lack, fear) and move into the new consciousness.

The reason moving forward seems scary at times is because you haven’t learned how to let go of things that are holding you back, and how to incorporate the higher consciousness into your life.

It’s almost like you are stuck in the middle – you know you can’t go back and continue to hold onto the pieces that feel like they don’t belong anymore, and yet you don’t know how to go forward.

You are ready. It’s time. You can’t keep doing the same things you have been doing. It’s time for a change.

My role is to teach you how, and show you the path. I am here to give you the tools to move forward on your journey. I am here to help you navigate as you evolve into higher consciousness, and to help you create abundance in ANY environment.

I share tips, techniques, and strategies, on my website and in my newsletter, that will walk you through adapting higher consciousness as a way of life. I want to help you let go of the areas of your life that are not longer working, and to help you activate your abundance using your mind and your new level of consciousness.

My proven Activate Abundance program is a specifically designed, one of a kind program, that combines the Spiritual laws, mindset reprogramming techniques, and the energy centers, together into a formula that will help you anchor a state of higher consciousness so deeply into your cells that it becomes a way of life.

This is the ONLY program available that connects the Mind, Body, And Spirit allowing you to release blocks and resistance, amp up your energy centers, AND create a connection between your subconscious mind and the Universe.

I have extensively studied (including several years in private study) the mind, the subconscious mind, the laws of the Universe, and psychology, so that I could understand in depth the roles they play in your journey to abundance.

In addition to coaching and mentoring individuals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners, I own several businesses and I am the president of the International Association Of Conscious Professionals (IACP) – an organization that provides education and training to conscious professionals.

As well, I am also the President of the Millionaire Mastermind and Adventure Club, a high level mastermind group of go-getters who like to have fun, try new things, and make a difference, while enjoying Quantum leaps of success in their business, and life.

I have authored several books; “The Belief Switch”, “Conscious Financial Strategies”, “Celebration Journaling”, “Energy Shifting”, and “The Power of Personal Growth” (co-written with Jack Canfield, Harv Eker, and Manny Goldman).

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